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Installation at the client site is carried out by highly skilled Installation teams lead by an suitable experienced installation supervisor or engineer. Systems may be installed and built up at the clients premises or NSBE can prefabricate system units such as equipment racks, monitor stacks/walls and desks at factory facilities in the UK, and then install them once they have undergone rigorous testing.

Special attention will be paid to system labelling to ensure that the system is operable and maintainable into the future.

Testing is carried out to by qualified test engineers who will ensure that the system meets both technical performance and functional specifications through the use of pre-written and client agreed test scripts. The scripts will be signed of both by clients representative and the test engineer prior to final acceptance.

In addition to the above NSBE can organise installation teams for your own in house projects. The following trades can be supplied:-

o Site Managers

o Installation engineers/Supervisors.

o Broadcast wire-men.

o Qualified Electricians.

o Carpenters and Mechanical Fitters

o Commissioning and Test Engineers.