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The ULTRA-BT-IRD Broadcast Integrated Receiver Decoder Series is the Perfect, Flexible & Most cost-effective solution to receive and decode single or multiple channels of digital television SD/HD services with full broadcast video and sound quality, and flexible modularity on both input types and simultaneous services.

KEY Benefits

- Modular Expandable IRD Receiver Decoder

- Up to 10 Simultaneous Channels Decoding

- Native Input from IP SPTS/MPTS and ASI

- OPTIONAL Tuners Cards & CAS modules

- BISS 0/1/E decryption per each decoder

- 3G-SDI output with Stereo or Pass-Through Audio

- MPEG2/H.264 SD/HD Video Decoding

- Mpeg / AAC / AC3 / Dolby audio

- Remultiplexer to Re-Stream to IP services

- ASI Mux Output

- Simple Control via Web Browser login


Pro Video Instruments Receiver Decoders ULTRA-BT IRD

Distribution Products Broadcast Product

SKU:0649070909944 ULTRA-BT-IRD -2X RJ45 IPTV SPTS/MPTS In +1 ASI MUX Out + 2 IP MPTS & 2 IP MPTS RJ45/SFP Out. 2 Simultaneous 3GHD/SD Broadcast Video Decoders Mpeg2/H264 Video and Stereo Dolby AC3 AAC and Passthrough Multi-channel Audio, 4 Free Expansion Slots.

SKU:0649070903950 2 Channels 3G SDI Embedded Video Decoder Card (IRD) Decodes 2 Services- Mpeg2/4 +Mpeg Layer2/ AAC/ AC3 Passthrough and Closed Captions

SKU:064907090395 4x ATSC 8VSB TUNER CARD  - SKU:064907094018 4x ISDBT TUNER CARD

SKU:064907094025 4x DVBT  TUNER CARD - SKU:064907094025 4x QAM CABLE TUNER CARD

SKU:0649070904056 2 Channels Mpeg to Mpeg tanscoder and Scaler- Ideal to change Mpeg4 H264 to Mpeg2 with any audio and Dolby AC3 audio.

- Each card can can transcode 2 Simultaneous TV services to the required format (Mpeg2 or H264, HD or SD )as ell as to Mpeg1 layer2 audio, AAC, or Dolby

-Dolby Digital Plus and any MultiChannel/ Multi language audi can be passed through.

Down Scaling from  HD to any lower resolution is also supported