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The ULTRA-BT ONAIR-M BROADCAST RF MODULATOR series represent the perfect, flexibe an most cost effective solution to broadcast Onair ATSC/ ISDBT/ DVBT standards, with the ability to receive  the services via STL, ASI, IT, antenna and output  on full Broadcast RF channel with level up to 0dbm ready to pilot to any Transmitter.

KEY Benefits

- Broadcast RF Modulator in 1RU Rack

- Receive Services from ASI & IP

- Stat-Mux Re-Multiplexer to create the Local Mux

- Direct Drives any Amplifier providing 0dBm level

- Agile 30—1000 Mhz @ 1 Khz Steps- Software Changeable RF out ATSC / ISDBT / DVBT

- Full Broadcast 47 dB MER - 55 dB Shoulders

- Zero Harmonics & Spurious - Full Digital

- 4 Free Slots to add special options

- Redundant Dual Power Supply

Please note no DVBS version  will be available in the future.


Pro Video Instruments Transmission RF Modulators ULTRA-BT ONAIR-M

Distribution Products Broadcast Product

SKU:0649070906920 ULTRA-BT-BROADCASTMOD-ADVMUX -2XRJ45 IPTV SPTS/MPTS in+4xASI SPTS/MPTS in+1ASI MUX OUT+2 IP MTPS RJ45/SFP Out+1 Broadcast Mux RF out up to 5dBm adjustable, selectable ARSC/QAM/ ISDBT/DVBT, 30 to 950 Mhz@1khz step- MER47dB -Shoulders 55dB. 4 Free Expansion Slots

SKU:064907090395 4x ATSC 8VSB TUNER CARD  - SKU:064907094018 4x ISDBT TUNER CARD

SKU:064907094025 4x DVBT  TUNER CARD - SKU:064907094025 4x QAM CABLE TUNER CARD

SKU:0649070904056 2 Channels Mpeg to Mpeg tanscoder and Scaler- Ideal to change Mpeg4 H264 to Mpeg2 with any audio and Dolby AC3 audio.

- Each card can can transcode 2 Simultaneous TV services to the required format (Mpeg2 or H264, HD or SD )as ell as to Mpeg1 layer2 audio, AAC, or Dolby

-Dolby Digital Plus and any MultiChannel/ Multi language audi can be passed through.

Down Scaling from  HD to any lower resolution is also supported