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Support of any modern facility be it Broadcast, Manufacturing, Retail, Government offices can only be achieved with staff correctly trained in the appropriate techniques and systems understanding. Electrical and electronic support training has been geared towards the maintenance and repair of complicated equipment to board and component level. This may still have some relevance in certain trades and professions however with the advent of IT infrastructure more and more industries are realising that the carrying all the staff necessary to look after all aspects of support from component to system level either costly or timeconsuming. This is particularly true in the Broadcast, Corporate, IT, and facilities management fields.

NSBE will therefore not offer Training on individual pieces of equipment. This type of training is best offered by the equipment manufacturer. With the experience NSBE have gained over many years in the broadcast industry it has become apparent that a new form of training is required based on the System, TV work flows, IT techniques, signal understanding and fault resolution/ management methodologies.

Courses can be provided by NSBE either in the UK or at the client’s own base to equip Engineers, technologists and IT professionals with the necessary skill to support the Modern facility, facilitating the engineer to arrive at timely resolutions of problems thereby ensuring minimal service loss and maximising ‘up time’.